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Mixcraft help.

2007-11-19 03:51:23 by TTOW

I need help. I downloaded Micxcraft 3.0 and its good.
But when i try to submit songs to the Newgrounds Portal it wont let me and says, "Invalid Mp3"
Any help would be nice here guys as i have made a few great songs!

*******All Fixed now****


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2007-11-19 08:31:41

Erm, You've mixed it down to a .mp3 under 5mb, yes?

TTOW responds:

Yes...I know all about that. It just says invalid mp3.


2007-11-22 03:04:47

It might be in the wrong bitrate/kbps or somehing. Try converting the files using a different program, such as cdex ( free ).

TTOW responds:

I managed to figure that out about a second before you posted that. I am now in the process of uploading my songs.