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2007-10-07 22:51:56 by TTOW

I went to japan earlier this year but I haven't posted anything about it. Shocking I know, but i would like to tell everyone of the greatest experiences I had the pleasure of doing while over there with (the Akahira) my family.
MT. Fuji- We travelled around the base of MT. Fuji. One of the greatest experiences ever. We went into an underground ice cave and then we traveled up the mountain. And it had snowed earlier! :D We then went for a walk in the forest and had snowball fights for an hour. Then we travelled home.
DisneySea- This is like DisneyLand but for Teenagers. For those who know the rides, we went on the tower of terror, idiana jones ride and that rollercoaster that has the fire (that i can't remember). Such fun. MY friend Dainis was tuning (chatting up, charming) a girl named Namiko.
The Last days- Well after these experiences i was amazed. But we went to a baseball batting range and I hit a home run. I got the choice of "two free coins" or "a fanta and a free coin" (a coin is a turn) i got a fanta and 2 free coins because i am blond and Japanese love that. Then it was Saturday, the last day. I met my "host sister" for the first time. And we went to the mall where i got a Kermit muppet puppet. It was such fun. The leaving was emotional. All the girls cried. Us four boys didnt look happy.
Well thats my very vague story of japan i hoped you liked it!


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2007-10-07 23:25:43

Congratz on the good time.

I heard you can leave your door open & leave the house without someone breaking in

TTOW responds:

We didn't. My "host brother" made sure to lock the door on the way to school. You must usually change into provided indoor footwear or socks if you wish to enter.


2007-10-08 02:25:46

Nice. I hope to travel to Japan myself as soon as I finish learning the language. :P

TTOW responds:

Haha I didn't know shit about the language. I know hello and goodbye. Its all good when you have japanese and english speaking people around. Its still fun.


2007-10-08 03:07:30



2007-10-08 06:55:09

I'd love to go move to Japan! I hear that getting through school there is a breeze. Then you have a casual and rewarding work life to look forward to. There are no rigid hierarchies in the workplace, everyone is extremely open and honest and almost nobody ever commits suicide!

OH WAIT! That's the OPPOSITE of Japan! My bad!


2007-11-22 03:17:14

Hehe, I suppose it's easier to find your way around Japan knowing the language though, am I right? Finiding your way to places not shown on the common tourist guides?Btw, I read the Tokyos restourants get 192 stars on the Michellin guide compared to paris with only 63 and NY with 42. Is the food really that great?